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Santiago Ramirez, RMT

Santiago was born in Colombia and moved to London, ON as a child 31 years ago. He is bilingual, speaking fluently in both Spanish and English.

Santiago graduated from Fanshawe College in 1996 with a degree in General Arts and Science. After achieving his degree, he went on to spend some time travelling through Europe. Santiago’s interests in fitness and the human body lead him to study massage therapy at Lambton College, graduating in 2011.

Santiago’s experience in clinics, hospitals and spa settings has instilled a strong belief in an integrated patient focused approach. He recognizes the importance of empowering his patients with education and the necessary tools to assist them on their path to recovery. He uses a number of techniques to manage pain, increase range of motion, decrease stress, repair muscle tissue, and improve circulation. Some of the modalities that Santiago uses in his practice are: therapeutic cupping, tapping, hydrotherapy, swedish massage, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and Reiki. He also utilizes strengthening and stretching exercises to assist in the recovery of injury as well as postural adjustments.

Santiago is passionate about improving the quality of care of his patients by providing innovative treatment solutions. He continually seeks to expand his knowledge and expertise through educational seminars, courses and collaborations with fellow health professionals.

While not at work, Santiago loves spending time with his 3 children. He is an avid outdoorsman and loves canoeing, hiking, beach volley ball and soccer. Often times you can find him rollerblading around his neighborhood. Check out the wall size map of the world in his office where he pins the places he has visited and where his patients are from.

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Swedish Massage

The most traditional form of massage techniques that is primarily used for increasing circulation and the relaxation of the muscles. Within these are light, medium and deep (deep tissue massage) stroke techniques that are used depending on the needs of the individual’s assessment.

Prenatal Massage

As pregnant moms bodies change during different stages of their journey so are the needs to maintain muscle aches and tension from building up. Similar techniques as Swedish massage are used, but the positioning on the table and the depth of pressure will change during the pregnancy.

Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymph system is the part of our body’s immune system that assists in fighting infection in a damaged area.  Lymphatic massage is a gentle technique that is specifically used in moving the stagnation of that fluid.

Myofascia Release

A soft tissue therapy that is primarily used to treat the fascia (connective tissue). It is thought that the fascia constricts muscles, decreases blood supply, causing pain and decreasing range of motion. This can happen do to inactivity, overuse, damage, disease or infection.


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