Meet our Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Slota

Dr. Jeff Slota, DC, B.Ed (Primary/Junior), BA (H) Kinesiology, Clinical Acupuncture


Philosophy and practice:

Dr. Slota is a wellness based practitioner for all members of the family (adults, teens, and children.) Aches and pains are signals that your body is not performing optimally. Stress (physical, chemical and emotional) tightens muscle and decreases spinal range of motion, which contributes to poor posture and pain. When this happens, spinal nerves become irritated and the master system of the body (your nervous system) does not properly transmit information. Chiropractic treatment helps restore this function, allowing for proper nervous system flow and hence a decline in illness and disease. You will experience relief of pain, improved performance, and be back on track to feeling like yourself again. Dr. Slota is excited about providing care to you and your children.


Dr. Slota earned his four year Doctor of Chiropractic degree (D.C.) at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. He also completed a 1 year clinical internship in Toronto which included a 6 month internship with a high needs, economically diverse population. Dr. Slota was on the selection committee for applicants to the Chiropractic College and now currently is involved with testing potential chiropractors skills and competencies.

Dr. Slota also earned a diploma in Clinical Acupuncture, with an emphasis in Traditional Chinese Medical and Anatomical Acupuncture.

Dr. Slota has earned his teaching certificate at the University of Windsor in both Primary/Junior (grades K-6) as well as high school Physical Education. He spent his teaching years teaching grades 2 and 3 in both Yellowknife and Brantford.

Dr. Slota started a Masters in Education at the University of Nipissing. He received his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario.

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Dr. Slota is a avid exerciser and believes that preventative health comes from regular exercise, healthy eating habits and managing stress. He enjoys strength training, running, soccer, hockey, scuba diving, water sports, home renovations, traveling, and teaching. Dr. Slota loves his family and enjoys playing with his children.

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FOR AN APPOINTMENT WITH DR. JEFF SLOTA PLEASE CALL (226)663-8565. Dr. Jeff Slota sees patients at 355 Wellington St., London, Ontario. N6A 1H2 and at 101 Cherryhill Blvd Suite 102 - London, ON N6H 454 


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